Working papers

Accounting Fundamentals and Systematic Risk: Corporate Failure over the Business Cycle, with Maria Ogneva and Joseph D. Piotroski, June 2019.

Non-answers during Conference Calls, Ian D. Gow and David F. Larcker, January 2019.

Information versus Investment , with Stephen J. Terry and Toni M. Whited, November 2018.

CEO Personality and Firm Policies with Ian D. Gow, Steven N. Kaplan, and David F. Larcker, July 2016.

Published papers

How Common Are Intentional GAAP Violations? Estimates from a Dynamic Model | Online Appendix | Data and Code. Journal of Accounting Research. 56(1). March 2018. (Lead article)

Detecting Deceptive Discussions in Conference Calls, with David F. Larcker. Journal of Accounting Research. 50(2). May 2012.